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Reminder of event Armored Cav Night on 2014-10-02 07:30:00 pm
Specializing on tank v tank battles. If you want to get good tanking be there. Details are in the link. http://theascended.enjin.com/tasforums/m/2165247/v...
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Planetside State of Union

Apocalypse ao posted 15 hours ago  -  Planetside
Great post by PliskinAJ



Initially from looking at this I see we have been catching new members. From July to September we have grown roug
Himtoo well, i dont feel so bad, im just average, not shit like i thought
PliskinAJ Fun note the combined kills of all of TAS would almost completely wipe out the population of Albania or 0.04% of the wor ...
joeltt1 YESS!! My KD is proven now to be AVERAGE!!! ...

Greetings Citizens,

Only a few days ago, I wrote the $54 million letter which is truly incredible. I think everyone should take a moment to appreciate the enormity of what you as a community have achieved. Two years ago, the idea that a group of people who love space sims, PC gaming and the promise of a huge new universe to adventure around in could unite to raise $55 million to fund a game was unthinkable. Every one of you, from single Aurora pilots to those building their own fleets, has been part of something unprecedented. Today, we’re in the Guinness Book of World Records, and not as the largest crowdfunded game of all time, but as the largest crowdfunded anything of all time!

Reclaimer Concept Art showing the claw in use.
Reclaimer Concept Art showing the claw in use.

I’m very glad to see that the Reclaimer is so popular! This i

Stepping Down

Binary posted Sat at 21:54  -  The Ascended
Hey guys, I'm sad to tell you that I have some more somber news to bring to you today.I'll be stepping down from my position as councilor due to real life stress/work. 

I just don't have the ability to fulfill my duties anymore.It's been a great ride, and I hope to catch you guys in teamspeak still, but for now, I need to peace out for a while, and focus on boring real life stuff, however I'll be in TS a lot tomorrow chilling and catching up with people. 

take care, love ya!
Gamepro03 I remember you
Mr.Anarchy Tas is always here man.
MountainMacabre You will be missed for sure brother! Godspeed.

Arena Commander - 13.0.2

Apocalypse ao posted Sep 19, 14  -  Star Citizen

Greetings Citizens,

We’ve issued a small Arena Commander patch today to improve control sensitivity for gamepad players. If you rock a ‘pad, get out there and let us know if the experience has been improved! We have also issued a server hotfix which should improve the "no match found” error that some backers have been experiencing. The patch is now available via the Star Citizen launcher.

A more significant patch, 13.1, is currently in the works. (And to pilots who are unable to access their M50s in the menu: we are aware of the issue and are working a fix.)

Star Citizen 13.01

Apocalypse ao posted Sep 13, 14  -  Star Citizen

Greetings Citizens,

The Star Citizen team has been following the Arena Commander V0.9 rollout! Today, we are issuing an additional Arena Commander patch to address some of the issues backers are having with Arena Commander V0.9. Patch 13.0.1 includes fixes for some connectivity issues and repairs the missing checkpoint from one of the racing mode tracks. The patch will apply automatically the next time you connect to the Star Citizen launcher.

In order to ad

Star Citizen Patch 13

Apocalypse ao posted Sep 12, 14  -  Star Citizen
  • Features
    • Added Cooperative Vanduul Swarm game mode
    • Added Classic Race game mode
    • Added Private Matches
    • Added Friend Codes
    • M50 is now Arena Commander Ready
    • 350r is now Arena Commander Ready
    • Added New Horizons Speedway level
    • New Hangars:
      • Discount is now Self Land
      • Business is now Aeroview
      • Deluxe is now Revel & York
      • Addition of VFG Industrial Asteroid Hangar
    • Added backend support for Leaderboards

Greetings Citizens,

We are getting close! This afternoon we will kick off a Release Candidate build of Arena Commander V0.9. What that means is that we presently believe that our engineering teams should have eliminated all of the remaining blocker and critical bugs identified by our internal QA teams.

What happens next? The RC build process takes roughly eight hours. For those unfamiliar with software development, generating a build is sort of like baking a cake: we’ve put together all the ingredients into a pan and it’s now in the oven. La

SirSamXVIII Very soon. Maybe.

Currently Streaming Live Streamers

tutorial posted for creating news articles.. give feedback if i missed anything important.
Well, I stayed up way too late. See everyone on Thursday for the Armored Cav Night.
PS2 update confirmed for Thursday.
They have been scraped some years ago in my federal state with the last change of government. But they were nothing compared to US tuitions anyway.
karl you lucky bastard [link]
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