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Reminder of event PS2 Outfit Operation on 2014-10-20 08:00:00 pm
Our scheduled time for all outfit members to get together and do gigantic ops! Get on and shoot some faces with us! Pre-Operation Meeting starts at 7:45pm...
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Ticket System Soon

Apocalypse ao posted Wed at 21:38  -  GeneralThe Ascended
Ticket System

  • Open, closed and pending tickets
  • Customizable support form builder
  • Flexible permissions for support agents and staff
  • Custom ticket categories
  • Bulk manage your tickets
  • Public and private comments
  • Notifications
  • Huge range of statistics
  • Feedback and overall satisfaction rating



Notes: Releasing very soon! :)

Citizen Con Presentation

Apocalypse ao posted Tue at 20:42  -  Star Citizen

Greetings Citizens

Here is the full Citizen Con presentation! If you missed the event you can now watch the video from Star Citizen’s second year anniversary! All the videos and demos are presented just as they were if you watched them live. Thank you again citizens for allowing us to make the dream a reality

Greeting Citizens,

In honor of Star Citizen’s second anniversary we are opening up all five available trainer hips for use in Arena Commander for a whole week! All backers now have the ability to fly the Aurora, 300i, Hornet, M50, and the 350R. While we wanted to give our fans a small gift, this is also very valuable for the future of the game. We want to see different combinations of ships across all the Arena Commander modes, this will also allow us to stress test the game in a ways we have not been able to yet. All five ships will be available to all backers, and in your hangars, from October 10th – October 17th. In the future, we will use this system to unlock specific ships for test purposes as feedback is needed.

Thank you Citizens for you dedication and continued support of Star Citizen! Be sure to post your experiences on the forums… and we’ll be watching you!

Here is a new video for your viewing pleasure.

Apocalypse ao so very cool
The next Server smash planning has started. I will be attending a meeting for it on Saturday the 4th. I need to know how many people are interested.

I've put us down for 12 seats.

Sign up here.

Information Thread

Greetings Citizens,

Only a few days ago, I wrote the $54 million letter which is truly incredible. I think everyone should take a moment to appreciate the enormity of what you as a community have achieved. Two years ago, the idea that a group of people who love space sims, PC gaming and the promise of a huge new universe to adventure around in could unite to raise $55 million to fund a game was unthinkable. Every one of you, from single Aurora pilots to those building their own fleets, has been part of something unprecedented. Today, we’re in the Guinness Book of World Records, and not as the largest crowdfunded game of all time, but as the largest crowdfunded anything of all time!

Reclaimer Concept Art showing the claw in use.
Reclaimer Concept Art showing the claw in use.

I’m very glad to see that the Reclaimer is so popular! This i

Currently Streaming Live Streamers

You think I'm joking. I found a "sad cockroach". Created a "friendly cockroach" and they began multiplying. To save the world turned one into a "cannibal cockroach" , problem solved. This game is amazing!
Until PS2 is in a more playable state, I'll be over here playing Scribblenauts.
Working 3-8 then back to mass murdering of airplanes (WarThunder) :)
ESO is not an official game in TAS anymore due to inactivity. There are still people playing it though. Best thing is probably to hop on teamspeak and talk to one of those guys.
I was about to app for ESO but your web site is not oriented for the game at all and there is no app for ESO itself
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