After speaking with members of our community, looking at the google data on views, what pages people visit and talking with some other site designers; I launched a new nav system.. This nav system is very easy to update, change and set permissions directly in the menu its self.  Nothing is gone and can be reverted if the community demands it. I could only talk to people about it so long before the trying it was just the next step. I would like everyone to try it out a day or two and see how it feels, report any bugs or issues with it to me.  

On a side note im working with enjin directly to fix some issues with multiple themes introduced and some very, very old issues that have always been a pain in the ass. With that said all pages are sharing one theme till we have some system patches in place..  "Sorry about that" sort of :)

I know its different and we just switched nav bars, but that was because enjin broke the old one and this one wasnt developed yet.  So be patient and know the trouble we put you though is for the community's ease of use in the long run.

It's about time. Enjin is starting development of a mobile app for android, apple & windows if they find time. We have no details yet other than you will be able to view News, Forums & profiles with it..

I dont know about you guys but man i have been waiting for this a looong time. I will keep everyone posted on the details as they come out.

Arena Commander Patch Update

Apoc ao posted Sun at 7:28  -  sc

Greetings Citizens,

Greetings Citizens,

Last week, we posted about our process for solving the lag and rubber banding issues currently impacting Arena Commander’s multiplayer mode. As you know, we increased the player base by eight fold when we released patch 12.4. Doing so exposed variety of emergent issues within the game client, game servers, and backend infrastructure that only became apparent under the increased player load. We’ve made a lot of progress in addressing these issues and have seen great improvement on all three fronts, but the patch is not ready for release today. This kind of testing is exactly the reason why we chose to pursue the open development model. The discovery of these kinds of issues this early in the process are going to greatly improve the player ex

Hello everyone - 

Over the past year we've talked about having a meet up of TAS members. We've found quite of few of you are in the Midwest and the closest big city to the center of those folks is Chicago. 

We will be having a meet up in Chicago near the End of August and this thread has the voting for dates/time and locations for what people want to see do here in the Windy City. 

In our conversations we had talked about doing Go-Karts/Laser Tag/Titled kilt or Twin Peaks/ Tours of downtown Chicago and a variety of food places but nothing is set in stone and I am open to ideas.

Depending on the dates/times and activities people vote for I will suggest places to stay and other activities you might want to consider if you plan on bringing the family. The hotel I will most likely suggest is squarely in the center of Suburbia within short driving distance of North Americas largest Mall in terms of retail space, Woodfield Mall. Woodfield also sports many "test" stores for brands looking to expand and you can often find things not found anywhere else. There are non-shopping options like the Willis(Sears)Tower which has a 3 foot glass ledge/box from the skydeck that you walk out on and look straight down. 

I hope you seriously consider joining us for some good laughs, drinks and food. Now head on over to the thread and vote for your prefered date and suggest some activities!

Menu Module 2.0 BETA

Apoc ao posted Jul 11, 14  -  TAS
Menu Module 2.0 BETA

Menu Module 2.0 - A fully customizable and highly flexible menu system packed with features and awesome extras.


Customize your menu

Change almost every single aspect of your new menu system, from background styles to button colors. Upload custom images, play with gradients, add menu effects, and twe

Citizens, Improving Multiplayer

Apoc ao posted Jul 8, 14  -  SC

Greetings Citizens,

On Thursday, we opened Arena Commander’s multiplayer modes to a much larger segment of backers. Over the holiday weekend, our engineers kept careful track of server stats: number of successful connections, number of failed attempts, number of competed games, average latency and the like. We also spent time watching your Twitch feeds, which have proven to be an incredibly valuable tool for helping compare the real world experience to what we test in-house.

By releasing a new version of the game with many changes and also upping the number of simultaneous players, we exposed a variety of load cases and bugs we hadn’t seen before: ship movement and prediction issues, matchmaking bugs that include assigning excessive player counts to game servers and other tracking edge cases, and existing unused engine features causing problems.

The result is that with Patch 12.4, there is an un

ThunderCat Wow.... if only... ESO

New Performance (FPS) Issues Hotfix

Apoc ao posted Jul 8, 14  -  ESO

We have identified the primary cause of the performance issues (FPS drops) that some of you have been experiencing since we released v1.2.3. This has been most noticeable in Cyrodiil, but also in PVE areas. We have pushed a client hotfix to the both North American and European megaservers. This hotfix will require you to log out of the game and patch before it is applied.

We sincerely thank you for your patience as we work to improve game performance. Please let us know how the game plays for you after this hotfix.

Thank you.
Mortalous Yep, it is fixed it appears :0 I got a solid hour in and will be returning a little later tonight.
ThunderCat I read through the thread this morning. It appears that multiple users are reporting that the FPS is fixed in Cyrodiil. ...

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Eh even then I normally play pretty recklessly .
should have mentioned it was in a tank!
Well, tonight I played a bit conservatively today and got a K/D of 19 with a 40+ kill streak. [link]
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