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Arena Commander - 13.0.2

Apocalypse a posted Fri at 9:20  -  Star Citizen

Greetings Citizens,

We’ve issued a small Arena Commander patch today to improve control sensitivity for gamepad players. If you rock a ‘pad, get out there and let us know if the experience has been improved! We have also issued a server hotfix which should improve the "no match found” error that some backers have been experiencing. The patch is now available via the Star Citizen launcher.

A more significant patch, 13.1, is currently in the works. (And to pilots who are unable to access their M50s in the menu: we are aware of the issue and are working a fix.)

Star Citizen 13.01

Apocalypse a posted Sep 13, 14  -  Star Citizen

Greetings Citizens,

The Star Citizen team has been following the Arena Commander V0.9 rollout! Today, we are issuing an additional Arena Commander patch to address some of the issues backers are having with Arena Commander V0.9. Patch 13.0.1 includes fixes for some connectivity issues and repairs the missing checkpoint from one of the racing mode tracks. The patch will apply automatically the next time you connect to the Star Citizen launcher.

In order to ad

Star Citizen Patch 13

Apocalypse a posted Sep 12, 14  -  Star Citizen
  • Features
    • Added Cooperative Vanduul Swarm game mode
    • Added Classic Race game mode
    • Added Private Matches
    • Added Friend Codes
    • M50 is now Arena Commander Ready
    • 350r is now Arena Commander Ready
    • Added New Horizons Speedway level
    • New Hangars:
      • Discount is now Self Land
      • Business is now Aeroview
      • Deluxe is now Revel & York
      • Addition of VFG Industrial Asteroid Hangar
    • Added backend support for Leaderboards

Greetings Citizens,

We are getting close! This afternoon we will kick off a Release Candidate build of Arena Commander V0.9. What that means is that we presently believe that our engineering teams should have eliminated all of the remaining blocker and critical bugs identified by our internal QA teams.

What happens next? The RC build process takes roughly eight hours. For those unfamiliar with software development, generating a build is sort of like baking a cake: we’ve put together all the ingredients into a pan and it’s now in the oven. La

SirSamXVIII Very soon. Maybe.
Good meeting guys! Tonight we went over a few things; here is the list of topics covered..

  • Game Division Updates
  • Voted Rubicon, Vonludwig & Myself as SC directors.
  • Voted to make Star Citizen an Official Game.
  • Agreed on Charter update to add SC to the supported games list

We are looking forward to having everyone join us for SC and have a good division

If I have forgotten anything, I'm sure one of the other council members will update this post..

One other non related thing Our PS2 Team along with there allies have won yet another server smash.. Congratulations to them on kicking much ass..

Meeting Minutes

Dewindae posted Sep 4, 14  -  Planetside
Hey TAS here's the Notes from the Planetside meeting.

First things first, Server Smash. If you haven't signed up on the event calander, Please go and do so here.

The Smash will be kicking off at 6pm EST, which means I need every one there at 4pm. The starter team has been selected, if you could go and confirm your attendance so I can start handing out accounts. If you cant show up that's fine just hit the not attending or maybe buttons and I'll put you in the reserve. Keep in Mind we will be Playing VS on Amerish, on the server Jager, so you'll need a special account which I have for you to get onto the server through the Live client.

Second pie

Greeting Citizens

We have been working around the clock to have Arena Commander V0.9 ready for our backers. As of tonight, there are several remaining bugs that we feel would not provide the best possible Arena Commander experience and which would ultimately be detrimental to our process of community testing/feedback. We had hoped to have these ironed out and ready to go today (and in time for PAX Prime and Dragon*Con!) but have made the tough decision not to release until it meets the standards you’ve come to expect.

With version 0.9 w

Currently Streaming Live Streamers

PS2 September update is aimed for the 30th. Still waiting on the patch notes.
EMERALD T1 VS MILLER Sun, October 12th on Amerish 18:00 UTC 2:00pm EDT
Just found out that there are actually 3 hitboxes on PS2 infantry. Head, body, and leg normally with a multiplier of 2,1,.9. I thought there was only head and body.
Its not like those are good donuts or anything. I hate Krispy Kremes...
i really need this in maine closest one is in mass [link]
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