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If you're thinking about a good combat ship for Star Citizen; the super hornet is on sale and one of the nicest ships you can own. 

Greetings Citizens,

The Arena Commander 1.0.1 patch is now available via the Star Citizen launcher! We’d like to thank the thousands of intrepid pilots who helped us test this release using the PTU; we’re extremely happy with how much you are improving the rollout p


2014 what a year, we saw a dramatic revival of PlanteSide 2 the arrival of ESO and the beginnings of Star Citizen amongst the countless other games like, 7 days to die, Titan Fall, Star Trek online, Star Wars the Old Republic, RoboCraft, World of Tanks, War thunder, Elite Dangerous and Uncharted Waters.

I can honestly say I've never been with a group so diverse in its gaming and so committed to the enjoyment of their fellow gamers. Thank you to everyone both new and old for being and remaining a part of The Ascended.

2015 is another year earmarked for PC game survival. Less and less are games centered on the massive guild or team work aspect of gaming.  What does this mean for TAS?

G'day everyone.

As we've talked about for the last month and a half, today's the day we enter the next stage of the outfit overhaul.

In this stage, we'll be enforcing website registration. All branch members will be required to register on the website within 30 days of joining in-game or they'll be removed. Members kicked in this way are welcome to join us again, but will be kicked after 30 days if not registered. Registered members will lose their PS2 tags after 2 months of inactivity and be removed.

We'll also be finalizing the rank changes. In the last stage we implemented the Ascended and Core ranks, this time we'll be implementing the leadership ranks, Junior Admin and Administrator, and sorting out the squad and platoon leader awards. Junior Admins will be recognized on the website and will act as a trial period for promotion to Administrator, who'll act much like Officers used to. The squad and platoon leader awards will be given to people who pass leadership training and prove themselves as capable leaders.

Greetings Citizens,

 Arena Commander 1.0 is here! Today’s release marks the most significant update to Arena Commander yet, adding both the long-awaited lobby system and more than tripling the number of flyable ships. Every variant of the Aurora, Mustang, 300 and Hornet are now flyable, as are the base models of the Cutlass and the Avenger. If you’ve been waiting to fly one of Star Citizen’s single-seaters, there’s a good chance your ship has come in today!

 Arena Commander 1.0 adds a host of new ship upgrades as well as significant enhancements to many of the game’s systems. Included for the first time are a ship signature system, a thruster power system, and a lateral g-force system. It contains the first iteration of the game’s lobby and we have launched a friends system in the game and on the RSI site to help you connect. Audio and visual effects have been updated throughout the game, with new animations, new textures, new cameras and more. You can find the complete list of changes, which range from the major updates below to dozens of game balancing changes and technical fixes, in the patch notes.

 As you know, the team has been working very hard to release Arena Commander today and we’re especially excited to publish this patch before our Holiday break. We w

Some of us are going to be playing elite dangerous for a while. With Star Citizen being so far out, why not.. Here is info on the game.

Take control of your own starship in a cutthroat galaxy.

Start with a small starship and

Currently Streaming Live Streamers

bro.....that is so deep....I'm gonna spend YEARS pondering that....
Dont you mean: How much sky could a Skynet net if a Skynet could net Sky????
I am finally a 1 full year member on the forums!
High on life brother! ....and sleep deprived.
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