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PliskinAJ M  published State of TAS in PS2. on TAS - News
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State of TAS in PS2.

PliskinAJ M posted Wed at 14:22  -  CorePS2State of TAS

The state of PS2 TAS.

As you can see we have dropped our population by a large number in the past few months. No it is not because we have had a recent exodus of the game. We have changed our plan from inviting everyone and anyone then letting them stay forever to still inviting a lot of people but we want them to register with the website and be somewhat active in the community. I think the last time I did this we had around 1k members now we are down to 342. 

The first thing you see is our kills have gone down around 50% from the original but we have removed well over 50% of our membership. Honestly this total number is meaningless, but it's a stat that is shown on the graphic I pulled.

Here is the important part. 61% active membership in the last 7 days out of a relatively large outfit. Amazing. 81% active in the past 30 days. Wow. Along with this our average KD now is near .9 above the PS2 average of around .7 k/d. Not the best metric of how well an outfit does since this is an objective based game but everyone here knows we don't farm. We go for objectives.

Our average battle rank has increased from 28 to 52 this isn't nearly double since the XP ranking in the game is an exponential. We have a more "matured" PS2 group and we have a lot of them. The last few weeks we have had company sized in operations with around 5-6 squads in 2 platoons including an dedicated air squad.

TAS in PS2 has managed to significantly increase our baseline player base by removing many of the stagnate player base, the members who are low BRs that joined us then quickly left PS2 for good. We have strengthened the community with over 1k members signed up on the website and we have managed to more active posters then the standard group of people. We have also managed to have more squad/platoon leads allowing the regular group of leads time off and giving the standard membership a different gaming experience.

I believe a large portion of this general upturn in membership quality has to do with core membership. We now have currently 42 members qualified under the core program. The core program has been a successful experiment to establish a solid baseline of knowledge about PS2 while getting membership more involved with the community. Currently 12% of total player base and 21% of our active in the past 7 days has completed core. It isn't due to the fact we are making you a better player, in fact we do not have specific classes or training to make you a better player. We simply ask that you read a few articles to get that uniform baseline of knowledge.

I know that this State of TAS has at the end become a bit of a CORE commercial but I'm giving credit where I believe credit is due.

Before and after

Before CoreAfter Core

JiangQing We have come a long way since we were the zergfit of Mattherson!
Gamepro03 ...
branlove17 Well shoot, we missed the 1.0 KD, better start finding people to blame. Oh wait.... thats me with my .3 kda, well, suppo ...

Apocalypse aMo yea i got it, just got to relearn to play..
PliskinAJ M I had 30 dollars already on my steam account so I got it. Apoc you can remote DL so it s ready for you when you get home ...
Mr.Anarchy M I think ill try and pick this up for my birthday!

Some Planetside Videos

Apocalypse aMo posted Feb 23, 15  -  Planetside

A few of the PS2 guys have been streaming and recording more lately and we have added a few of those videos to the PS2 Videos page..   

I thought it would be nice to post them here and give a shout out of thanks to the members that stream & record for those of us that cant..   


I would like to thank, RabbiBob & RedstoneRocks331 for the videos displayed.  I would like to also think all the streamers and members that give us media to watch while supporting our community 

Thank You Guys.  


If you have any media you want displayed, be sure to hit up support and we can make it happen.. 

The Trade and Development Division


A trip to the local Trade and Development Division – the TDD – is often the first step on a prospective miner’s list. The TDD serves as a marketplace for the various commodities and other products available at a given location, and as such gives a good sense of what’s in demand and therefore which materials warrant the most attention in terms of obtaining the most attractive profit margins.




When deciding upon a course of action, every miner has two basic options – working freelance or acting as an agent in the employ of another entity. Freelance miners elect which materials they want to procure and, after retrieval, set out to fin....

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Greetings Citizens,


Last week, Kotaku ran an article showcasing Arena Commander’s combat. While the focus was that dogfighting looks great in action, one other thing immediately stood out: the video was an Aurora pilot flying with a HOTAS and TrackIR setup… and he was schooling Hornet after Hornet! The video, embedded below, tells me that we’re on the right track in creating a skill based game where battles are decided by the abilities of the pilots just as much as the capabilities of their equipment.

One of the design tenets of Star Citizen is that it needs to be a complete experience regardless of what you have purchased. Someone buying a starter package needs to have exactly as much potential as someone supporting development by pledging for a new ship or a purchasing a new weapon. I do not want to make a game where you feel compelled to spend anything but time to continue playing.

In the Persistent Universe, that will be easy: you’ll earn credits flying missions, locating star systems, hauling goods, hunting bounties and through a dozen other activities. You’ll rapidly explore and expand your universe. But the pilots helping us develop our spaceflight in Arena Commander don’t have that ability… yet!

With Arena Commander 1.1, we intend to roll out a system called REC, or Rental Equipment Credits. In essence, you will be able to earn credits to rent equipment to use in Arena Commander by playing Arena Commander’s ranked modes. We want to reward backers for their time spent with the early game with a more expansive experience, not

Read The Rest Here


Currently Streaming Live Streamers

TF2 was fun hope we do more game nights and if TS works for me :) hope some of you took screen shots
:) ts error again; so might not be able to yell at all of you over ts but will spam TF 2 chat :) [link]
make me wish i wasnt working.. have fun tonight
going to grab some pizza with my friends before they head out to PAX, might end up being 30 min or so late to TF2 night, but i should be there
getting these ready for later [link] "All of you are babies!"
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